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"You don't (only) go to a restaurant to eat!"
People don’t go to a restaurant only to eat …. though this may sound a bit strange! To go to a restaurant means relaxation, fun and adventure in a world of tastes and impressions. If you are very hungry it is not advisable to go to a restaurant or you should start with a quick appetizer. Hungry people are impatient, they can be very irritable and they can only think of the ordered meal. Even ordering the meal can be a pleasure, to choose your favourite meal from the menu or maybe you just rely on the recommendation of the waiter. Preparing and serving excellent meals need time. If you decide to go to a restaurant, you should take your time and enjoy the hours in the restaurant. You should loose yourself in the flavours and different tastes, and the environment and atmosphere of the restaurant.
Enjoy your meal, bon appetite!

Ferenc Szalay
Csarda owner


Cold appetizers  
Fish marinated with vinegar „Szigetköz” style ( according to the recipe of our grandmothers ) [1,7] 2.290 Ft
Duck liver paté with onion jam, salad with honey-raspberry vinegar [1,7] 4.850 Ft
Beef tartar (Angus) with fresh garden vegetables, and with Toast [1,3,10] 4.350 Ft
Warm appetizers  
Pancake filled with meat „Hortobágy” style [1,3,7,9] 2.290 Ft
Marrow-bones with garlic, toast [1,9] 2.690 Ft
Roasted duck liver fried it’s own fat [1,9] 3.990 Ft
Chicken breast salad ( chicken breast stripes, boiled egg, torn salad, vegetables, garlic sauce ) [3,4,9] 3.750 Ft
Lendenbraten Salat ( salad,cherry tomato, olive, sirloin steak strip in mustard sauce ) [9,10] 7.690 Ft
Homemade pickles ( from the pickles bar ) [1,7] 1.390 Ft
Country style chicken-broth with meat and shell-shaped pastry in a pot [1,3,9] 1.590 Ft
Country style chicken-broth with homemade liver gnocchi in a pot [1,3,9] 1.750 Ft
Garlic cream soup in a small pot with cheese toast [1,3,7,5] 1.650 Ft
Garlic cream soup served in a loaf of bread, with grated cheese [1,3,7,5] 1.990 Ft
Goulash soup „Alföld” style from grey cattle [1,3,9] 2.690 Ft
Bean soup „Jókai” style with homemade smoked sausage, knuckle, nipped paste and sour cream [1,3,7,9] 2.690 Ft
Fish soup Szigetköz style with carp filet [4] 2.690 Ft
Fish soup Szigetköz style with cat-fish filet [4] 2.990 Ft
Milt [4] 650 Ft
Csarda’s plates for two people  
„Sári” plate [1,3,7,9] 13.900 Ft
Vienna scallops, breast of chicken filled with duck liver, crispy legs of duck, medallions of fillet mignon in a coat of bacon, with creamy mushroom sauce, with mixed garnish  
Poultry plate [1,3,7,9] 10.900 Ft
Crispy duck thighs, roasted chicken breas with creamy mushroom sauce, chicken thighs & wings, rice with peas, chips and grilled vegetables  
Old fisher’s plate [1,3,4,7,8,9] 10.900 Ft
Grilled pike perch, bream in paprika-flour’s, Duna’s fish carp slices in breadcrumbs, catfish fillet fried in almond coat,steamed rice, potatoe with parsley, steamed vegetables, garlic sour cream  
Dishes from fish  
Fried carp slices with steamed rice and tartar sauce [1,3,4] 3.890 Ft
Catfish stew with paprika, diced paste, cottage cheese and diced bacon [1,3,4,7,9] 4.490 Ft
Grilled pike-perch filet „Csölösztői” style with Kárpáti ragout and steamed rice [1,2,4,7,9] 5.890 Ft
Pike perch roasted in whole, with parsley potatoes [1,3,4] 1885 Ft /dkg
Catfish fillet fried in orly coat with chips and garlic sauce (Fish & Chips) [1,3,4,7] 4.490 Ft
Grilled Norwegian salmon with steamed rice and mixed salad [1,3,4,7] 5.850 Ft
Poultry dishes  
Fried legs of chicken in homemade breadcrumbs, rice with peas [1,3] 3.490 Ft
Roasted chicken breast fillet with cheese sauce and steamed rice [1,7,9] 3.850 Ft
Fried chicken breast fillet, filled with duck liver, fried with mashed potatoes and onions [1,3,7,9] 5.190 Ft
Duck gizzard stew with Hungarian gnocchi [1,3,9] 3.490 Ft
Crispy roasted leg of duck with mashed potatoes with onions, steamed cabbage with apples [1,9] 6.590 Ft
Confit duck breast with strawberries and mashed potatoes [7,9] 6.250 Ft
Oven-roasted duck liver with lyon onion and mashed potatoes [7,9] 7.590 Ft
Oven-roasted duck liver with apple stewed in Tokaj wine, with mashed potatoes [7,9] 7.890 Ft
Dishes from pork meat  
Dish made of finely chopped lights ’Fefe’ style with potato dumplings ( lung only for the taste, and all other good things ) [1,3,7,9,10] 3.650 Ft
Cordon Bleu with French fries [1,3,9] 3.990 Ft
Pork medallion Sári style ( fried slices of fillet mignon with garlic and marjoram, with baked potatoes ) [1,9] 3.990 Ft
Giant Vienna scallop from pork with potato salad [1,3] 4.190 Ft
Pork chop stuffed with mushroom cream and potato balls [1,3,7,9] 4.350 Ft
Roast meat gipsy style with „Betyár”-potatoes with sour cream, with bacon [1,7,9] 4.350 Ft
Roasted spare-ribs with garlic and caraway, steamed cabbage with apples, sliced potatoes with rosemary [1,9] 4.350 Ft
Medallions of fillet mignon in a coat of bacon, with creamy mushroom sauce, steamed rice [1,7,9] 4.550 Ft
Oven roasted knuckle of pork with beer sauce and spicy cooked-baked potato [1,9] 5.450 Ft
Dishes from veal and beef  
Fricassee of veal seasoned with red pepper, gnocchi with eggs [1,3,7,9] 5.590 Ft
Fillet of veal ‘Kedvessy’ style gnocchi (leg of veal, duck liver, mushroom sauce with dill and paprika) [1,3,7,9] 6.890 Ft
Tripe stew with brains ( is the real with our homemade bread ) [1,9] 3.690 Ft
Stew made of grey cattle with red wine, with handmade gnocchi [1,3,9] 4.450 Ft
Tenderloin ripened Woman’s steak (200 g) [9] 5.990 Ft
Tenderloin ripened Men’s steak (400 g) [9] 11.980 Ft
„Tésasszony” style (duck liver, grilled mushroom head) [1,9,10] 2.450 Ft
Optional garnishes  
Steak potato [9] 990 Ft
Mashed potatoes [7,9] 990 Ft
Grilled vegetables [9] 1.290 Ft
Green beans with Bacon [9] 1.690 Ft
Optional sauces  
Boletus mushroom sauce [1,7] 1.690 Ft
Green pepper sauce [1,7,10] 1.250 Ft
Gorgonzola sauce [1,7] 1.250 Ft
Spicy butter [7,9,10] 890 Ft
Game dishes  
Game stew with juniper berries and blueberries, with buttered gnocchi [1,3,9] 5.190 Ft
Larded game roast with boletus mushroom sauce, croquettes [1,3,9] 5.890 Ft
Vegetarian dishes  
Gnocchi with eggs [1,3] 1.890 Ft
Grilled vegetables [9] 2.450 Ft
Fried cheese with steamed rice and tartar sauce [1,3,7] 2.950 Ft
Mushroom stew with paprika with Hungarian gnocchi [1,3,7,9] 2.950 Ft
Diced paste, cottage cheese and diced bacon [1,3,7] 2.950 Ft
For our smallest guests  
Small Vienna scallop from pork chop with French fries and ketchup [1,3,9] 2.990 Ft
Chicken breast stripes with Smiley potatoes and ketchup [1,3,9] 2.990 Ft
Pancakes (optional: with jam, cocoa, cinnamon, hazelnut spread) [1,3,7,8] 1.250 Ft /2 pieces
Floating Islands [1,3,7] 1.850 Ft
Cottage-cheese dumplings with cinnamon and sour cream [1,3,7] 1.850 Ft
Pancake filled with cottage-cheese with vanilla sauce with baked apricots [1,3,7] 2.350 Ft
Delicacy of Somló [1,3,7,8] 2.350 Ft
Poppy-seed pancakes with hot cherries with basil, served with our handmade vanilla ice-cream [1,3,7] 2.350 Ft
Homemade, crispy, sourdough loaf 890 Ft

10% service charge is included in the total amount’s of bill.

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Recepció - Hall

The location and the services of the Diamant Hotel, Szigetköz**** enables the conducting of trainings lasting several days, conferences, for which we can provide one large conference hall for about 80 people, and three smaller rooms for 15-30 people each.

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Duna-Korzó Étterem terasza

The first-class Duna-Korzó restaurant of our hotel expects its guests in a wonderful and attractive environment, in an atmosphere of intimacy with ageless elegance.
In the summer our atmospheric terrace overlooking the Danube, provides an unforgettable experience for our guests. In the evenings our restaurant is lit by the light of numerous candles, therefore it is an excellent place for a romantic dinner for two.


Details ›
Külső élménymedence, csúszdával


Details ›
Duna-Korzó Étterem

Our team always keeps the quality and the satisfaction of the guests in mind. With our know-how and excellent dishes we would like to provide our guests a gastronomic experience in a familiar and calm environment.

We always take care, that on our menu you can find several dishes, which correspond to the latest wellness trends, so you have a wide selection to choose from.

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Greenfield Pub - angol stílusú pub

The speciality of out hotel is the pub furnished in original English style, where you can find a bowling alley, a billiard table, table football and a game of darts.

Details ›
4 sávos bowling pálya

The speciality of out hotel is the pub furnished in original English style, where you can find a bowling alley, a billiard table, table football and a game of darts.

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Club helyiség, és terasz


Details ›
Wellness komplexum, belső medencékkel

Wellness is a programme for general well-being and for the physical and mental balance. For the people of today it means a reform life style, which includes fitness, as well as physical and mental health, but wellness is much more than this.

Details ›
Wellness drink bár


Details ›
Gyerekmedence, és bébi pancsoló

For the Diamant Hotel it is most important to cater for the interests of families and children, babies. We hope that we can give your children great pleasure and happy moments with our provided services, and the time spent together will be a kind memory for every member of your family.

Details ›
Thai masszázs szoba

The massage tries to ensure a free energy flow by pressing and stretching the muscles. The masseuse presses the energy points with their thumb, palm, elbow, knee and foot.

Details ›
Zárt, őrzött parkoló


Details ›
Füli ugriparkja, kétszintes játszóház

The two-stoery playhouse adventurous promises fun for all ages.
Countless experiences and adventure for everyone: rope bridge, boxing bags, buoys, sponge toys, balance development revolving cylinders, slides and colorful plastic balls and a climbing wall.

Details ›
Homokos Duna-parti strand, vízi biciklikkel, kajakokkal


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Duna-parti csúszda

We strive for perfection, that?s why we try to provide as much comfort, protection and joy for babies and children as possible, so that their mothers and fathers have enough time to relax and enjoy themselves, as well.

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Hatalmas játszótér, fa játékokkal, trambulinnal

The 5 hectare large "Diamant Park" is separated from the road by the building, so the small rascals can romp about on the huge playground. In the park there is a modern sand pit, a wooden fortress with a slide, a climbing frame, small playhouses, swings, a trampoline and a giant slide.

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Tűzrakó, bográcsozó hely


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Noel bárkája, kisállat simogató

Every child loves animals, but unfortunately there are many children, who can?t or aren?t allowed to keep pets in their home. In our petting zoo you can find several different and rare animals, for example ponies, Cameroon dwarf goats, sheep and of course the inhabitants of our chicken run ? called Noel?s ark. 

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Diamant Rendezvénysátor

The snow-white Röder type event tent with panorama windows is set up in our wonderful park next to the Danube bank. In the summer the tent is made more comfortable with an air conditioner. In cooler days, the heating provides a pleasant temperature. No matter if there is cold, rain or hot summer days, we guarantee that your guests will spend the evening in the highest level of comfort.

Details ›
Sári Csárda parkoló


Details ›
Sári Csárda magyaros étterem

The typical Hungarian, thatched Sari Csarda, which is open every day of the week, with furniture as it was used in the previous century, is expecting the lovers of gastronomy with home-made dishes. The place capacity inside is: up to 140 people.

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Sári Csárda tradicionális borospincéje

Our traditional cellar with its historical atmosphere will make your heart beat faster. Our wine cellar, which brings back old times, has room for 80 people. The room is equipped with light and sound technique, so it is excellently suitable for receptions, events, no matter if you want to organize a business dinner, partner meeting, company event, press conference or a thematic event around wine.

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Sári Csárda Duna-parti terasza

In the summer we are expecting you on our magnificent terrace at the bank of the river Danube, with a seating capacity of 250 people, with oven-cooked delicacies and goulash cooked in a stew-pot on an open fire. We can also recommend spirits of excellent quality and exquisite wine from the famous Hungarian wine-growing areas! The balcony?s capacity up to 130 people.

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Duna-parti stég terasz


Details ›
Zátonyi Duna-ág, vízi trambulinnal


Details ›

We are glad about your virtual visit at our hotel. The Diamant Hotel, Szigetköz**** is very popular with the visitors from the neighbouring countries, due to its advantageous location and its closeness to the bank of the river Danube.

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Külső vízparti esketések helyszíne

The Big Day has arrived in your life as well, on which you swear eternal love. For this wonderful and special day a perfect place is essential, as well. Regarding this we would like to help you. In our 5 hectare large park, on the bank of the river Danube you have the possibility to arrange your wedding ceremony! Our experienced and helpful staff is at your disposal, in order to make this wonderful day unforgettable!

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Dunára néző panoráma finn szauna


Details ›

It has been approved that an event organised by the company brings employees and business partners closer to each other. Our hotel offers different in- and outdoor programmes, beside organising of conferences.
The location and the services of the Diamant Hotel, Szigetköz**** enables the conducting of trainings lasting several days, conferences, for which we can provide one large conference hall for about 80 people, and three smaller rooms for 15-30 people each.

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Óriás légvár

To organize a birthday party it is a big job. You do not have to worry about anything because our management can take all the risk and we can make a perfect birthday for your child!
The programs are variable demand and include the following: face painting,making balloon shapes, magician show, giant bouncy castle slide, water trampoline, DJ karaoke party on children's songs wish list, children's concert on request, water gym for kids in the pool.

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Donau Luxury Suite

Enjoy the panorama of the garden and the river Danube from our spacious luxury room. In the light room with huge windows you will find a king-size bed, wireless internet access, a desk, a soft gown, a beautiful bathroom and a comfortable chair to have a rest in

Details ›
Prémium kategóriás szobák

Standard Premium Room
Would you like to spend some peaceful nights together with your partner? Then you will enjoy our double beds or extendible beds in our quiet rooms with terrace with a view of the Danube. Our double rooms are perfect for families as well, if you would like to sleep with your children in one room, we can put some extra beds to your disposal, without any problems.

Premium Classic room
The classical furnished room is enchanting you with its peace, and captivates everyone with its elegant but stimulating style. The rooms provide lots of comfort for 2 people, but if necessary the accommodation together with small children is also possible.

Details ›